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Mr. Twisty School Assembly Programs - Magic with a message | MrTwisty.com

School Assembly Programs

Mr. Twisty is a New York State BOCES approved artist!

Mr. Twisty has performed in hundreds of schools around New York’s Capital District, throughout New York State, New Jersey and Vermont.

Three Great Shows for Grades K-6


Mr. Twisty’s mom was a school librarian for more than 25 years and Mr. Twisty grew up hanging out in library and in a family that placed a great emphasis on reading.  With this as a backdrop, Mr. Twisty encourages kids to fall in love with reading.  This show is action packed, faced-paced and tons of fun – but not light on theme.  The kids relate to Mr. Twisty and want to join in the reading fun!


This assembly encourages kids to think about the decisions they make.  Students are challenged to keep their head up when things get tough, keep trying when at first they “fail”, think about actions and their consequenses, and to make empowered decisions.  This show is available in both elementary and middle school versions.


In this program students are encouraged to find three things they can do to be better stewards of the environment.  The show uses magic and game show elements to teach kids about how they can REDUCE,RE-USE and RECYCLE.

After the assembly, the super-charged environmentalists (the students) participate in a grade appropriate workshop where they learn about nature’s recyclers (plants and worms) and even get to shred some of their homework (past homework, of course) and recycle it into brand new paper.

Students will also learn about reducing their own waste by measuring lunchroom waste everyday for one month and graphing how well they do at reducing it over the course of one month!


call 518-381-1845 for details