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Mr. Twisty's Balloon Twisting Lessons | MrTwisty.com

Try Balloons!

Mr Twisty’s Balloon Twisting Kit

So you’d like to make balloon animals. COOL! Here is a great place to start. Unlike magic, though, it is impossible to make balloon animals with things from around the house. Here you will need to get a few things to give it a try.

The first thing you will need of course is balloons. The balloons we use for twisting are called 260’s, some maybe 260Q’s or 260C’s or others, just make sure it says twisting balloons or 260. You can get them at K-Mart or a party supply store with the balloons- you can also, of course, order them from Mr. Twisty’s magic shop and get the best balloons at the best prices. That part is up to you.

The second thing you will need is a balloon pump. There are many kinds out there and the most important thing for beginners is to have one. DO NOT TRY TO BLOW THESE BALLOONS UP WITH YOUR MOUTH. SERIOUS INJURY MAY OCCUR. Bike Pumps sometimes have an attachment that works, the store where you buy your balloons may have one, and of course you can get the best types from Mr. Twisty. Just make sure you have one.

SAFETY NOTE: Broken balloon pieces from any type of balloon can cause a choking HAZARD for people of any age, especially those ages 3 and under. Parental Supervision is recommended.

To make a balloon dog:
1. Use the pump to blow the ballon up a little more than half way and tie off the nozzle.
2. Holding the balloon with the knotted end up in the air, bend a few inches of the balloon down.
See drawing #1
3. Grasp the balloon in the MIDDLE of the part you have bent down and twist everything above your grasp with your other hand. Twist several times. Everything above your grasp will be the dogs ears and the bubble between the knot and your hand will be the dogs nose or snout. Size accordingly.
4. Following the diagrams, do the same thing 2 more times. Your second twisty will create the dogs front legs and neck and your final twist will make the dogs rear legs and body. Anything left over will make the dogs tail.

Now, using the pictures below see if you can make a Dachshund (like Mr. Twisty’s co-star, IZZY!), or a giraffe or a party hat! Try to make up your own figures!! Have Fun!!

If you would like to learn more balloon figures try Mr. Twisty’s “You Can Make Balloon Animal Too!” at Mr. Twisty’s BalloonTwistingKit.com. This kit will provide you with a DVD tutorial to teach you everything you need to know, a great starter balloon pump and of course the balloons; 50 starter balloons and 20 deluxe Qualatex 260Q Professional Balloons.

For Kit Refill Items; Deluxe Pump & Balloons – CLICK HERE

Below you will find more animal balloon figures with diagrams.