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Try Magic!

Performing Magic is Tons of Fun!

Would you like to learn how to do some amazing magic? The web makes it EASY to learn magic. Below we have some tricks for you to try.

SHHH! It’s a SECRET! — Have you ever asked a magician how a trick is done, only to be told that magic is about secrets which can’t be revealed (told)? Sure. So how can I tell you the secrets? Good Question. Magicians are not allowed to tell any secrets to people who just want to know how a trick is done. Once people know the secret what we do stops being magic! We want to keep them wondering so magician’s agree not to tell anyone the secrets they learn, especially to people who, “just want to know!” But magicians also like to help kids learn magic so here are some great tricks I can teach you as a STUDENT OF MAGIC! First though I have to have you agree Never To Reveal The Secrets I Show You!

FIRST MAGIC TRICK EXPLAINED (the amazing jumping rubber band)

Houdini Rubber Band Escape
A miniature escape that demonstrates how solid can pass through solid!

REQUIREMENTS: One small rubber band and one medium one

This is sometimes also called the Hopping Rubber Band. You loop a rubber band over your first two fingers, and then it inexplicably jumps to the second two fingers.

Begin by placing a rubber band over your forefinger and middle finger as shown in Figure 1.

Bring the rubber band all the way down to the base of the fingers. Hold your hand so its back is facing the audience. Pull the rubber band with your other hand to show that it is solid, and then at a point when the rubber band is still pulled a little bit out towards you, curl your fingeres down as in Figure 2.

From your audience’s view, it looks like the rubber band is still around only two of your fingers. Pause for just an instant, and then straighten your fingers out. The band will instantly jump over to your ring finger and pinky (Figure 3)!

To make the rubber band jump back to your first two fingers, follow the same moves again. If you twist a second rubber band over the fingers above the first band, as in Figure 4, so that the fingers appear tied together, and then follow the same moves for the trick as above, the first rubber band will still be able to jump, seeming to penetrate right through the second band!

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Trick #1

Effect: After mixing the deck of cards, the performer asks a spectator to cut the deck that is in his left hand. The spectator then places the top portion of the cards on the performer’s right hand. The spectator is asked to take the top caard off the portion in the performer’s left hand. The spectator looks at the card without showing the performer. The performer uses his mind reading capability to tell what caard has been chosen.

Card Trick:

Rigging the deck before hand: Place the cards in four piles starting with Spades then Hearts, Clubs, and finally Diamonds. Each of these piles should then be arranged, face up, in order from King on the bottom to Ace on top.

Now starting with the Spades count back until the King is showing (bottom card is now Queen then Jack, Ten etc) Next take the Hearts and count back in the same manner until the Ten of Hearts is on top. For the Clubs you need the Seven on top, and the Diamonds will have the Four on top.

One more step to complete. Take the King of Spades from its pile, turn it face down, and start a new pile. Onto this put the face down Ten of Hearts, then the Seven of Spades, and finally the Four of Diamonds. Continue to place the top cards in the same order of suits on the new pile until all the cards are pplaced into one pile. This completes the rigging of the deck.


Now practice your mind reading skills. Have someone cut the deck (as above) and take the top card off the left pile. You place the right half of the deck under the left half. While doing so, take a glance at the bottom caard without making it obvious. Mentally count three cards up from the card you see on the bottom of the deck, and this is the value of card that was chosen. As for the suit, if a Spade is showing on the bottom then the card chosen is a Diamond. (Example: Six of Hearts is the bottom card, then the Nine of Spades is the chosen card; Ten of Clubs is on the bottom, then the King of Hearts is the chosen card.

Tips – Always tell the spectator to place the chosen card back on top of the deck after the trick is completed. Mix the cards each time you perform the trick, by cutting the deck in half, so as to appear to shuffle but not to actually change the order. If the audience asks to see the cards, flip them over and quickly run through them, as they appear to be in random order. Don’t let the audience shuffle the deck. Once you have completed the trick a couple of times, really shuffle the deck well and hand it to them. While doing this trick, you might first make a “mistaken” guess to throw the audience off, after all, it’s 80% your game, 20% your trick.
Trick #2

Effect: You show the audience four Aces, which you put on top of the deck. Then you pick up the four Aces and give a spectator the four cards underneath. When you show the audience your cards they will not be the four Aces; the four Aces will be in the spectator’s hand.

Card Trick:

1) Before you start your trick, gather the four Aces. Behind the first Ace put four other cards.

2) Show the audience your four Aces, spread out in your hand, like a fan. (Remember to hide the four cards behind the first Ace.)

3) Place all eight cards on top of the deck.

4) Take the first four non-Ace cards, but do not show them to anybody.

5) Give the spectator the next four cards (which are the Aces.) Ask him not to look at them, just yet.

6) While the audience thinks you have the four Aces, turn your caards over revealing that they are four other cards. Tell the spectator to turn over their cards, revealing that they have the Aces.

the trick itself is very simple, but believe me it gets the audience’s brains tingling.
Note: You need to put the cards onto the deck before you give some to the spectator. So that this isn’t too suspicious, you can pretend that you “just remembered” that you wanted to give them to the audience member.

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