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Video Clips

Have you ever seen Mr. Twisty on TV? He’s been on Nickelodeon, the Discovery Channel, Fox News and more. If you missed any of those shows and want to see them, click on the
appropriate link below.

Does Mr. Twisty have an ODD JOB?
Some people think so…

The Discovery Channel — Mr. Twisty and Izzy performed at the Ottawa International Busker Fest in August of 2001 and the Discovery Channel came along. A show called, “Working Animals” features our story. Mr. Twisty on Discovery Channel

BRAND NEW – For those who love Mr Twisty and especially his dog Izzy, here is a treat…

AND Izzy’s soon to be famous, Dog Houdini Escape Routine:

Other Clips will be added as they become available. For Digital Versions of Mr. Twisty promotional video, please send your email address with a request to promo@mrtwisty.com. The file is quite large and will require a cable or DSL modem to be sent.